Hi! I'm Christina, the CEO and Founder of Purely Simple Organic Living (PSOL) and this is my story, why I began this adventure and how PSOL got started!

This is me marrying my best friend, Steve, in March 2000.

There’s so much joy and hope captured here! I just love this photo. 

Never would I have guessed that in less than a year I’d be trading in my lacey red panties and heels for Depends and a new set of wheels.

I was born hearing impaired, so I was excited to get a Cochlear implant. The thrill of getting to experience new sounds was replaced with shock as paralysis moved in and I was forced into a wheelchair.

For five years I was in that chair and in physical therapy learning to walk again. It was a lot of work, but I stayed focused. I knew I would dance with my husband again.

I saw doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist.

I told my husband, Steve, that I would understand if he put me in a home or something, he deserved better than what our life had become. He refused and told me he meant our wedding vows and meant to stand by me no matter what. And he has.

I saw doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist.

They gave me shots, IV’s, chemo, pills, procedures and more and told me the reason most don’t do well is because they don’t follow what they’re told to do.

Well, if it meant getting better, I would do everything they said! So, I did. 

They told me there wasn’t anything else they could do and suggested I go to Hospice.

I took the pills, kept the appointments and went to physical therapy; giving it  everything I had. Year after year they added more drugs and my health continued failing. I spent five years in that chair and in physical therapy.

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing more we can do. We are sending you to Hospice.” To die. They didn’t say the to die part, but it was most definitely implied. The doctors and specialists had given up on me and were sending me away.

They told me there wasn’t anything else they could do and suggested I go to Hospice.

What?! Wait! No! I had so much to live for and so much I wanted to do!

Here I was married with a family, I had ambitions and goals, a career where I helped special needs children and adults and…. And… now I was in a wheelchair relying on others. I was frustrated, discouraged, and exhausted. They, the doctors, were giving up on me, but I never gave up.

Instead, I looked up. I prayed and made a deal with our Creator that if I didn’t die, I would serve the people that needed all the knowledge I’d learned and experienced and that needed to know there was another way.

The more I researched the more I learned about inflammation, root causes and issues.

The more I read and learned about the needs of our body and what a healthy body required the more I began to realize what my body was trying to tell me. I also learned how a body reacted when in need of basic things like water, sleep, and daily pooping.

It took time, but I began to heal!

Research was my best friend! I knew there was another way! There was an answer to all of this, and it wasn’t to go somewhere, give up, and die!

I began to heal.

Learning about the underlying causes of the individual SYMPTOMS and how to trace and deal with each of them rather than grouping them under a diagnosis was huge!

I also discovered holistic health held the answers and helped me deal with those root causes. I learned and I applied what I learned.

Slowly I began to walk again. It took time and a lot of work, but I did it! I took control of my life and my health and so can you!

I’m passionate about sharing everything I’ve learned with YOU to help you get to where you want to be and that's how PSOL got started!

For the last 15 years, I’ve been supporting clients on their journey to wellness with a proprietary 9-part program The Keys to Conquering Autoimmune Disease Naturally.

This helps you create a personalized blueprint for wellness so you can have it for the rest of your life and then you get to FIRE me!  

Clients often seek out our services for diagnosis such as: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Multiple Sclerosis, and many others.

They get referred to me by previous clients and by professional friends and colleagues. The thing I hear most often is, I'm just so sick and tired of being sick and tired! 

Another one is that they just want to feel like themselves again. They're tired of the aches, pains, bloating, not sleeping, brain fog, bowel issues, weight gain or loss and exhaustion.

Our PSOL Team

It takes a team to keep all of this going and we have an awesome one! Each one brings a unique, beautiful, God-given gift to what we do and we are so blessed to have them here. The most amazing thing is everyone one of us has a true passion for helping others and for supporting YOU on your journey to wellness!

Kelly Frick, Transformational & Mindset Coach
Tammey Brown, Web Design & Workbooks
Jessica Tomko, Client Support Admin
Zander Sessums, Amazing Helper and Furkid

Every Symptom

Every physical symptom has a source, let’s unearth yours!​

About 80% of our clients have an Autoimmune Disease (many on multiple medications and have exhausted western medicine options), 20% are a mix of competitive athletes looking for an edge and client’s over 40 who want to maintain their health and/or do not trust Dr Google. It is interesting to note that 40% of clients are medical professionals.

I’m honored to say we have an 90% referral rate. My passion is helping people conquer Autoimmune Disease healing once and for all! God has blessed me with a unique ability to support even the most complex client situations with compassion, attention to detail and devotion because I want for you what you want!

Every physical symptom has a source…. Let’s unearth what is causing yours!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? I’ve been there! In 2001 my life was turned upside down when I became very ill after surgery and had to use my advocacy and research skills, as well as trust my faith in God, to help save my own life. For 15 years I was an autoimmune medical mystery and didn’t fit any textbook cases.

Slowly I lost my ability to participate in daily life activities. My self-image was close to the bottom of the scale, my marriage was struggling, and my energy level was non-existent. I was losing hope that life could ever be normal again as it revolved around prescription drugs, medical tests, doctors’ appointments, and hospitalizations. Many times I was told to go to Hospice as there were no more options left, but like you, I refused to give up.

Now I bring all of that knowledge and experience to YOU! No more searching Dr. Google, going from doctor to doctor, or throwing meds and supplements at the problem to see what sticks This program has had amazing success across the board and I know it will for YOU TOO! I'm so excited you are here and can't wait to see the changes in your life!

When traditional medicine had given up on me, I began researching options and discovered holistic wellness and a Dr. of Naturopathy (ND) who was willing to help me.

I was so inspired by all I learned and because I found SOLUTIONS that worked and kept me out of Hospice. I became an Integrative Autoimmune Specialist so I could give others the same hope I had found.

What You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I love baking; cooking and we have a gluten free house……. My meals will never taste the same way twice, I don’t follow recipes and I don’t write it down. My house is known as the “go to place” for home cooked meals and yummy treats.
  2. My favorite healing spot is the beach. I can sit for hours listening  to and watching the waves. My husband always has to drag me away at the end of a trip.
  3. For years I was the “kill a plastic plant lady”. Somehow I could walk by a dying plant and never think about watering it. Now thanks to a wonderful friend and a new planting system that requires only minor work after planting and no watering, which I can share with you, I can grow anything. 
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