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Animal Homeopathy

How Homeopathy Can Help Animals

Animal Homeopathy Georgetown - Purely Simple Organic LivingLet’s face it our pets are our children!!!

They are our best friends- They offer constant surprises with laughs galore and will go just about with you anytime you let them.

They love us unconditionally.

They greet you at the door with all the LOVE and EXCITEMENT you could dream of no matter how good or bad your day was! They love to snuggle!

Animals are great for your health.

Did you know that “studies have also shown that looking a dog in the eyes can boost levels of oxytocin (a hormone involved in social bonding). Pets give people so much in terms of love and emotional support. Simply stroking a dog, cat, rabbit or even horse can lead to lower blood pressure and can combat stress. The feelings are reciprocated, as our touch can have therapeutic effects for our pets, particularly if they are feeling out of sorts.

Companion animals can provide support and friendship to society’s lonely, sick or elderly. They can be friends to those who do not easily understand the world around them. Autistic children for instance can be guided gently from their closed, confusing and isolated worlds by a patient and loving dog or cat. Anxiety disorders and depression also can be eased by the loving presence of a pet.”

Their whole world revolves around YOU!

As an animal lover myself I found myself frequently being asked to help my clients with their animal’s. People would often see Zander, my Aussie Service Dog, and make comments about how calm he is and how amazing his coat looked.  After several years of helping with service dog organizations, doing some clicker training with service dogs, assisting American Airlines and Southwest Airlines with Accessibility training for Service Dogs and their companions as well as having two Service Dogs myself I began to include 4 Legged Furry Children in my Integrative Holistic practice.

I empower pet owners by providing diet support, education, color therapy, homeopathy, essential oil support and overall holistic wellness for your 4 Legged Furry Children. I also work together with a Licensed Veterinarian to provide the best care possible to your 4 Legged Furry Children. Dr. Rachel Ramesar offers Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Holistic Veterinary support to my clients. Dr. Ramesar is Certified in Animal Chiropractic by the AVCA and is Fear Free Certified. If you are not local to the Harker Heights area I will be happy to coordinate with a Licensed Veterinarian of your choice if they are willing.

Common Conditions Dr. Ramesar & Christina Support:

  • Nervous System Disease

  • Seizures

  • Paresis/Paralysis

  • Back or Neck Pain

  • Muscle Spasms

  • Stiffness (getting up and down)

  • Arthritis

  • Joint Disease

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Limping

  • Injuries (athletic or otherwise)

  • Incontinence

  • Anal gland issues

  • Skin Issues

  • Allergies

  • Digestive Issues

  • Emotional Issues

  • Respiratory Problems

  • Detoxification

  • Weight Control

  • Chronic health problems


Most pets are living on average 5-7 years less than they did only 25 years ago

People consume at least 3 lbs of pesticides a year… a very small amount of this can be devastating to our animals systems

Most foods for animals are stripped of nutrients causing imbalances and health issues

Dogs and cats that are fed ‘kibble’ type foods develop more chronic degenerative disease

There is no such thing as “complete food” or “nutritionally balanced food”  … Always do your research!

99% of commercial pet food is made with by-products from the human food industry such as corn, wheat middling, soybeans, rice bran and beet pulp

There are no ‘bad’ or ‘depressed’ animals, if an animal is ‘grumpy’ it can mean it’s in pain… an anxious animal can have mineral imbalances; allergies are typically a gut issue and a food issue as well.

Animal Homeopathy:

Homeopathic treatments stimulate your body to heal itself. A core belief in homeopathy is that mental and emotional symptoms are so important that they even outweigh many physical symptoms. Homeopathic medicine is considered to be a safe practice and remedies have been regulated by the FDA since the late 1980s. Homeopathy like acupuncture stimulates the organism on the sub-atomic and atomic levels. Herbs and drugs can affect the molecular level at best, however Homeopathic medicine goes to the root of the problem and the body only uses what it needs while eliminating the rest. Your Pet’s Own God Given Immune System is the Best Healer!

What does the research say:

Are the Clinical Effects of Homeopathy Placebo Effects? A Meta-analysis of Placebo-Controlled Trials (Lancet, September 20, 1997)

The results showed that patients taking homeopathic medicines were 2.45 times more likely to experience a positive therapeutic effect than placebo.

Clinical Trials of Homeopathy (British Medical Journal, February 9, 1991)


“The evidence presented in this review would probably be sufficient for establishing homeopathy as a regular treatment for certain indications.” Further, “The amount of positive evidence even among the best studies came as a surprise to us.”

Osteoarthritic Pain: A Comparison of Homeopathy and Acetaminophen (American Journal of Pain Management, 1998)


The investigators conclude that homeopathic treatments for pain in OA patients appear to be safe and at least as effective as acetaminophen, and are without its potential adverse effects including compromise to both liver and kidney function. Many of the patients asked to continue with the homeopathic treatment.

Is Homeopathy a Placebo Response? Controlled Trial of Homeopathic Potency with Pollen in Hayfever as Model (Lancet, October 18, 1986)


Patients using homeopathy showed greater improvement in symptoms than those on placebo, and that this difference was reflected in a significantly reduced need for antihistamines among the homeopathically treated group. The results confirmed those of the pilot study and demonstrate that homeopathic potencies show effects distinct from those of the placebo.


I offer hundreds of Homeopathic drops and pellets that are safe for the youngest or the oldest of our community members.  Meaning that you can get “remedies” for ACUTE care or long term healing support.

Color Therapy for Animals:

Does the sunshine make you happy or does wearing certain colors improve your mood? Does the lack of sunshine make you less energetic?  “There’s good reason for this. Scientific data confirms that each color found in the visible light spectrum has its own measurable wavelength and vibrational frequency. This means, for instance, that the color blue is vibrating at a different frequency, or energy level, than the color red.”  Light therapy is not new, it has been used since the beginning or recorded history and by the medical community for hundreds of years.

Color Therapy originated form Ayurvedic Medicine, in Egypt, and China. Color therapy can be provided in many forms from colored lights, to colored material to tonating the pet’s drinking water with color. “In general, color therapists use cool colored lights such as blue, green and violet to treat heated conditions such as inflammation or ulcers, and warm colored lights, including red, orange and yellow on cool conditions such as poor circulation. Another frequently used favorite of mine is the color violet, which helps lift depression, a condition that, due to many factors, is more prevalent than we realize.” Different colors provide different vibrations of energy which provide healing signals to the body.


We will work together to discover what your pet needs. You will be empowered to learn to use colors to improve your pet’s health. This is an inexpensive and very effective way to make significant improvements in your pet’s life.


Onsite in Georgetown and Home Visits as Required for Four Legged Furry Children via Appointment.

Schedule an Appointment Today and Let’s Get Your Pet on the Road to Great Health!

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If you wonder if homeopathy can help your animal please contact us today or Schedule an Appointment via the links below

CBD OIL Just for PetsTHC FREE HEMP/ CBD OIL Just for Pets

Veterinarian Reccomended, Small Batch Pharmacist Forumulated


Purely Simple Organic Living’s CBD Oil is Human Grade and Pharmacy Formulated for Dogs and Cats.

CBD works with the body naturally to help manage your pet’s symptoms, including the following ailments:

  • Cancer Pains

    CBD oil can help your dog with the general pain that comes along with cancer and help to manage other symptoms that may arise.

  • Inflammation

    There are properties in CBD that interact with receptors in the body to help reduce inflammation that results from an existing illness or post operation.

  • Anxiety

    If your dog suffers from anxiety or depression, CBD oil is a great way to help keep your pup’s nerves at ease. It can also help to curb the disruptive behavior that comes with anxiety and stress such as urinating, barking, and chewing!

  • Arthritis

    Like humans, dogs can benefit from the use of CBD oil to help manage joint pain and inflammation that results from arthritis. Additionally, mobility can be improved with the use of CBD oil!

  • Loss of Appetite

    When your dog suffers from a loss of appetite due to sickness or other health complications, CBD oil can be used to increase their appetite and alleviate digestive issues.

  • Seizures

    There have been a good number of studies for both humans and dogs that high levels of CBD help to reduce the frequency of seizures from epilepsy and genetic disorders.

  • Aggressive Behavior

    In addition to helping dogs with their anxiety and depression, CBD can help dogs who struggle to control their temper and reduce aggressive behavior.