Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers Georgetown - Purely SimpleNamed after Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) who was not only a medical doctor, but also studied extensively as a bacteriologist and home­opath.  Everything in the world is connected at a vibrational level, as modern physics and relativity theory has proven.

These gentle remedies are one of the safest, natural and effective holistic tools we use for all ages. Each different type of flower has a slightly different energy and carries slightly different information in to our system. All of these are capable of supporting balancing at an emotional level. Many folks are familiar with Rescue Remedy- a crisis blend formula available at your local health food store.


Customized for YOUR needs of emotional support.  They can be used for all ages including pregnant women.  In a tasteless liquid form that allows a convenient and easy way to administer…most folks put it in their water.  And did we mention…inexpensive solution.

Please schedule a New Client Consultation and be sure to let Christina know you want to include Bach Flowers in your C.A.R.E. plan.