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Jump for Joy in July

Studies have been showing that nearly 7 in 10 employees are feeling the stress and impact the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has been having on their personal and professional lives. This has aligned with stark increases in new prescriptions of antidepressants, antianxiety, and anti-insomnia medications.

Prior to the pandemic, the use of antianxiety and anti-insomnia medications were both on the decline from 2015 to 2019, down 12% and 11.3%, respectively. In the time frame examined in the study, new prescriptions for antianxiety medications exhibited a 37.7% increase, stressing the vital need for therapeutic intervention.

So what can we do to reduce the stress levels that have substantially increased these last 4 months?


Find your joy in laughter!  And laugh at EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING!

Let’s take a look at why laughter is an amazing stress-reducing tool!

The Benefits of Laughter


Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline), dopamine, and growth hormone. It also increases the level of health-enhancing hormones, like endorphins. Laughter increases the number of antibody-producing cells we have working for us and enhances the effectiveness of T cells. All this means a stronger immune system, as well as fewer physical effects of stress.

Physical release

Have you ever felt like you have to laugh or you'll cry? Have you experienced that cleansed feeling after a good laugh? Laughter provides a physical and emotional release.

Internal workout

A good belly laugh exercises the diaphragm, contracts the abs, and even works out the shoulders, leaving muscles more relaxed afterward. It even provides a good workout for the heart.


Laughter brings the focus away from anger, guilt, stress, and negative emotions in a more beneficial way than other mere distractions.


Studies show that our response to stressful events can be altered by whether we view something as a threat or a challenge. Humor can give us a more lighthearted perspective and help us view events as challenges, thereby making them less threatening and more positive.

Social benefits

Laughter connects us with others. Just as with smiling and kindness, most people find that laughter is contagious. So, if you bring more laughter into your life, you can most likely help others around you to laugh more and realize these benefits as well. By elevating the mood of those around you, you can reduce their stress levels and perhaps improve the quality of social interaction you experience with them, reducing your stress level even more!

How will you do this?

How are you going to incorporate more laughter into your life this month?

We at Purely Simple Organic Living would love to hear from you!

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Speaking of creating joy and laughter Purely Simple Organic Living has grown!

We have joined forces with Kelly Frick a wellness-transformation coach!

In our next blog post, we will share more about how this venture became and how we are looking forward to serving and supporting you in a very powerful way!

Blessings & Joy,

Christina & Kelly 🙂

PS….Thank you for your patience as we went through many transitions in the last 9 months.  This has had us absent here providing blog posts for you the reader.  We know the wait will have been worth it! We are excited to share so much with you each month! Especially all the new things we will be rolling out soon!  More details to come :)!

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