7 Surprising ways Fear affects your body image

What Your Body is Saying to You When You Live in Fear!

We are about to enter into the season of goblins, ghouls, and ghosts! But that is all for the fun and love of Halloween.  Fear and fright should not be a regular occurring thing in your life!

Did you know fear can impact your body in a physical way?

Yes, it’s emotional, but the way your body physically reacts can cause any (or all) of the following symptoms!

7 Ways Fear Affects Your Body:

  • Heartburn – Your body can produce excess stomach acid which can then cause heartburn or acid reflux, which is always linked to emotional issues. Identify and address the underlying issue and this symptom is dealt with too.
  • Rashes – Address the underlying fear and you address the rash
  • Exhaustion – Fear is stealing your energy.
  • Cold Hands – Fear causes the fight or flight response in your body which may cause your hands and/or feet to go cold or sweaty. Recognizing the cause may help alleviate the symptom.
  • Loss of Sleep – When your body perceives a threat it releases stress hormones (fight or flight response) making it difficult to fall asleep.
  • Cloudy Thinking – Feeling overwhelmed or lacking in sleep from fear may cause cloudy thinking.
  • Self-Medicating – It may feel easier to medicate (alcohol, drugs, etc) or hide the symptoms rather than face the fear and what’s causing them.

We share many useful, easy to use tools!

In the Keys to Conquering Autoimmune 10-Week Program we cover many useful tools and resources to uncover, face, and help cope with fears, underlying issues, and daily barriers to wellness.

One quick and easy way to help alleviate stress and/or anxiety is grounding.

Go outside and put your bare feet in the grass. Feel the grass, wiggle your toes in it, and feel the energy of the Earth (and the whole Universe!).

  • Listen – what do you hear?
  • Smell – what do you smell?
  • Look around – what do you see?

Take a deep breath, hold it, blow it out slowly, and do this three times while repeating: I am safe, supported, and appreciated. Now, how do you feel?

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Until then reflect on which fear symptom is the one you might dread the most so you can better prepare yourself to be open to the healing process?

Blessings & Joy,

Christina & Kelly

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