About Christina Sessums, MSW, ND, CNHP, CAHP

Christina Sessums & ZanderChristina Sessums, MSW, ND, CNHP, CAHP is a leading expert in her field of Autoimmune Disease. Clients’ often seek out her services for diagnosis such as: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Multiple Sclerosis and many others. Christina has over 20+ years in supporting both children and adults with complex medical and mental health needs. During a long personal health struggle she found her TRUE CALLING in life. While trying to save her own life, after being told to go to hospice 5 times, on her 4th trip down the holistic wellness trail she discovered holistic health held the answers to her well-being.

For the last 10 years, Christina has been supporting clients on their journey to wellness with her proprietary 9 Step program to Conquer Autoimmune Disease Naturally. She helps them create a personalized blueprint for wellness that they can have for the rest of their life and then they get to FIRE HER! Christina supports clients all over the USA and throughout Texas.

While 80% of her clients have an Autoimmune Disease (many on multiple medications and have exhausted western medicine options), 20% are a mix of competitive athletes looking for an edge and client’s over 40 who want to maintain their health and/or do not trust Dr Google. It is interesting to note that 40% of Christina’s clients are medical professionals.

Christina is well loved by her clients and has an 85% referral rate. Her specialty and passion is helping people overcome Autoimmune Disease healing once and for all! Christina has a unique ability to support even the most complex client situations with compassion, attention to detail and devotion to the end. Every physical symptom has a source…. Let’s unearth what is causing yours!

She also supports your Furry 4 Legged Children too. After all don’t they deserve a fantastic healthy life too?


What You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I won the TCU Human Rights Award in 2010.  As a result of advocating for myself and others, students with disabilities will be able to successfully complete an off campus internship with the same support they receive on campus
  2. I love baking; cooking and we have a gluten free house……. My meals will never taste the same way twice, I don’t follow recipes and I don’t write it down. My house is known as the “go to place” for home cooked meals and yummy treats.
  3. My favorite healing spot is the beach. I can sit for hours listening  to and watching the waves. My husband always has to drag me away at the end of a trip.
  4. For years I was the “kill a plastic plant lady”. Somehow I could walk by a dying plant and never think about watering it. Now thanks to a wonderful friend and a new planting system that requires only minor work after planting and no watering, which I can share with you, I can grow anything. 


I have both a Bachelors and a Master's degree in Social Work. I am a Dr of Naturopathy (ND), Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), a Complimentary Alternative Health Care Practitioner (CAHP), Certified Vibrational Energy Healer (CVEH) and a Certified AFT Practitioner (Aroma Freedom Technique). I have completed over 2500 hours of training and certification: Bach Flowers, Emergency Preparedness, PH Balancing, Herbology, Essentials Oils, Integrative RBTI, Functional Lab Results, Face/Tongue/Nail, Functional uses of pharmaceutical supplements, Homeopathy, Evox, Detox protocols, Zyto Elite and many classes on Autoimmunity and Internship with Dr. of Naturopathy for 6 years.