Color Therapy

Does the sunshine make you happy or does wearing certain colors improve your mood?

Does the lack of sunshine make you less energetic?

Color Therapy Georgetown - Purely Simple“There’s good reason for this. Scientific data confirms that each color found in the visible light spectrum has its own measurable wavelength and vibrational frequency. This means, for instance, that the color blue is vibrating at a different frequency, or energy level, than the color red.”

Light therapy is not new, it has been used since the beginning or recorded history and by the medical community for hundreds of years.


We will work together to discover what your needs are. You will be empowered to learn to use colors to improve your health. This is an inexpensive and very effective way to make significant improvements in your life.

Color Therapy originated form Ayurvedic Medicine, in Egypt, and China. Color therapy can be provided in many forms from colored lights, to colored material to tonating drinking water with color.

“In general, color therapists use cool colored lights such as blue, green and violet to treat heated conditions such as inflammation or ulcers, and warm colored lights, including red, orange and yellow on cool conditions such as poor circulation. Another frequently used favorite of mine is the color violet, which helps lift depression, a condition that, due to many factors, is more prevalent than we realize.”

Different colors provide different vibrations of energy which provide healing signals to the body.

Color therapy is offered at events only in the Central Texas area.