Detox Programs

Detox Programs Georgetown - Purely SimpleOur Detox programs are designed to do just that. Eliminate unwanted bacteria, parasites and metals that ‘clog’ the body and leave you feeling less than your best.

Below are just a few of our detox programs.  If you do not see one below that you are interested in, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss and customize a program just for your needs.

Heavy Metal & Mineral Balancing

Studies show that chelation is scientifically proven to rid the body of excess or toxic metals, especially certain kinds like lead or mercury that can lead to poisoning

Chelating agents have specific bonds that form between organic molecules and metals. This gives them the ability to “bind” to metals that build up in the blood, major organs and blood vessels.

Once heavy metals enter the human body, they are stored in a variety of tissues, like fat, bone, brain, liver, heart muscle and kidney, and remain there for decades. At this point, they often no longer show up as elevated blood levels.

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Trouble learning and remembering new information
  • “Brain fog” and trouble concentrating
  • Neurological disorders and cognitive decline
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Mood changes, including depression and anxiety

Lyme Disease Detoxification

Common Symptoms experienced:

  • sore soles of feet
  • joint pain and swelling can occur
  • persistant swollen glands
  • unexplained back pain
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Confusion/ Brain fog
  • Numbness in arm and legs
  • TMJ
  • and the list goes on…….

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic revealing the discovery of a new strain of Lyme bacteria, Borrelia mayonii and the president, Pat Smith  of the National Lyme Disease Association stating “the tests are less than 50 percent reliable,” there is a new battleground for healing.

We go beyond antibiotic therapy which has been proven to be ineffective creating side effects such as gut microbiome issues.  We use the POWER of 3- botanical, Nutraceutical, homeopathic series kits to support your body’s ability to heal.  We also address the CO-Infections that are many times ignored but clearly further complicate this dis-ease. In the rebuild stage we work on the compromised gut lining.

This is a 6 – 12 month program integrating the principle of -remove, repair and rebuild the body.  Addressing with our Phase Remedies all 3 phases Phase 1- Extracellular/Acute – “the bite” phase associated with Lyme Disease, even if you never got a bite.  Studies are showing “new ways” for the Lyme Disease bacteria to spread that has nothing to do with the infamous Tick. Phase 2- Intracellular – Dormant – flare ups and recover many times Phase 3- Attacks nervous system and immune system- The “I need HELP” phase.

Parasite Detoxification / Intestinal Regenration

Parasites have a very unique life cycle that allows them to rotate between dormant and alive.  Contrary to creative marketing, just taking some black walnut hulls and wormwood doesn’t work more anymore.  Parasites have evolved and created a Bio Slime protective coating making it harder for those stand by’s to work.  Partnering that knowledge and understanding their cycles are key to success.  And let us not forget you MUST rebuild the intestinal tract where damage has been caused.

Some symptoms associated with over load of Parasites include:

  • trouble sleeping
  • skin irritations
  • mood changes
  • muscle pain
  • grinding of teeth
  • anal itching
  • dull hair
  • iron-deficiency anemia

We address early and late stages as well as breaking down the bio film and rebuilding the intestinal tract- ALL in an easy to use Kit.

Please schedule a New Client Consultation and be sure to let Christina know you want to include Detox in your  C.A.R.E plan.