Energy detox and what to expect

Energy Detox

What Does it Look Like to Detox: Physically AND Emotionally?

There is a connection between physical and emotional health.

The purpose of emotional healing is to remove stagnant, slow-moving energy and to allow a shift in energy health to a higher frequency, which allows for WHOLE healing – physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual.

When you experience energy healing, emotions begin to move and it affects all levels of your health: mind, body, soul, spirit. 

The purpose of energy work 

The purpose of energy work is to address emotions and remove energies that create blocks and limitations in your life, allowing you to increase your frequency and move through life with much greater grace and ease. 

As stuck energies (thought forms, emotions, belief systems) start to move, it creates an opening for physical health to be addressed. This change requires an energetic shift. When you do this, there can be a significant emotional release.  

Sometimes, we don’t experience immediate changes when addressing the mindsets, belief systems, and emotions of our health because it takes time for your physical body to adjust to the changes. As your energy frequency increases your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health all have to shift into the higher vibrations.  

When we work on detoxing

When we work on detoxing the mind, body, soul, and spirit simultaneously we can have greater breakthroughs.

We are able to have a better flow of energy and release to ease the detox experience, whether it is a physical or emotional detox.  Even though in our experience they usually go hand in hand.   

For example, if you have a hard time letting go of emotion and/or a label from a diagnosis, or if you hold on to the past or feel like you need to have control, you may experience energy detox before “seeing” a physical and even an emotional change. Each person’s experience is unique.  

With consistency

With consistency in using tools and techniques, a person will experience changes and shifts over weeks or months.

Each of us is unique in our experience and the amount of time it takes for us to detox from old energies stuck stagnant in our body.  

Some people will feel extremely drained, both physically and emotionally. Detox symptoms can be:  

  • emotional (old patterns coming up) – emotional releasing can include crying, anger, feeling heavy, or a large emotional purge 
  • physical (extreme fatigue, flu, cold) 
  • mental (I’m not good enough, I’m undeserving, I can’t do this right) 

Know that you are releasing and shifting and that it is all for your benefit.  

There is an adjustment period

There is an adjustment period after releasing the energies of emotional trauma.

Symptoms of detox is not necessary for healing, but when it does occur, it is part of the healing process. As you release the energies of emotional trauma, hurt, anger, fear, or whatever has been limiting your thriving health, there is an adjustment period. As you allow the slow stagnant energy to begin to move, and you being to resonate at a higher frequency, there is an adjustment period. 

Alleviating Detox Symptoms

How To Alleviate Detox Symptoms: 

  •  rest and/or sleep 
  •  drink plenty of water – this helps your physical body flush toxins 
  •  eat healthy food 
  •  be kind and gentle with yourself; move slowly and mindfully 
  •  know that you are shifting and expanding 

I hope these detox tips are helpful as well as create an awareness that detoxing isn’t just about the latest physical cleanse or season cleanse. It is also about our emotional and energy health.  The part of our health that we tend to take for granted and neglect.  

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Blessings & Joy,

Christina & Kelly ?

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