Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for considering coming to Purely Simple Organic Living, LLC, one of the top holistic centers in Texas for Autoimmune Disease. We offer effective natural support plans to Conquer Autoimmune Disease that goes far beyond what is available at conventional doctors’ offices. Our C.A.R.E Plans support your entire body, mind and spirit, including your organ systems. In addition, our program uniquely focuses on your emotional wellness while always addressing the underlying causes of disease. We are the only center in Texas that provides a full comprehensive program including emotional support and a plan to FIRE ME at the end of your program!

Before you begin your journey to wellness, we’d like to provide you with an overview of what you can expect.

The Top 11 Things You Should Know

  1. Reserve an appointment soon because we get booked very quickly and typically have a waiting list. For this reason, be prepared to pre-pay for your initial consultation (New Client Wellness Package includes your first 2 visits (Part 1 and Part2)) at the time of scheduling to secure and guarantee an appointment.
  2. You must make an appointment at our clinic in Georgetown, Texas to see our practitioner. If you live near a city that we have a remote location please contact our office to schedule an appointment. We do not accept walk-in’s at any clinic except in Georgetown for the biomat and oxygen bar.
  3. Please complete online paperwork within 48 hours of receiving email to login or your link will expire. If your link expires, please contact our office for a new link. Please complete your online paperwork 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Your appointment will be rescheduled if your paperwork is not completed 48 hours before your scheduled appointment and will be subject to our rescheduling fee of $50.
  4. On your first visityou will receive a comprehensive evaluation and spend an hour and half with Christina Sessums, MSW, CNHP, CAHP our Holistic Practitioner for review, diagnostics & program development.
  5. Please make sure you do not eat, drink (including water), have candy or gum for at least 30 minutes, preferable 1 hour before your initial appointment so we can perform the Biochemical Wellness Analysis (Ia-Rbti) testing.
  6. Plan to be at our clinic for 3 hours in total on first appointment and 2 hours for your second appoint one week later.  The second appointment can be done by phone of you live out of the area. (The first appointment can be performed remotely, contact us for fee’s to ship specimen’s for testing.)
  7. Please let us know which FREE service you would like try for 30 minutes on your first visit. Biomat or Oxygen Bar.
  8. Arrive 10 minutes early; if you’re late you’ll miss valuable time with our practitioner.
  9. Cancellation policy – you must cancel any scheduled appointments 2 business days in advance if you wish to reschedule your appointment. If you cancel your appointment without rescheduling, a $50 rescheduling fee will be charged in order to reschedule your appointment at a later time.
  10. We do not accept insuranceor Medicare.
  11. Investment and Length of Support Programs – There’s no accurate way to estimate the costs of your healthcare program without seeing our practitioner. Everyone’s journey to wellness is different and each client receives a program tailored exactly to their needs it’s not possible to give estimates over the phone and/or without a new client intake. At the first appointment our practitioner can give you an idea of how long your program will be and what services it might encompass. The most important factor in your length of your program is YOU. If you are compliant with the program and communicate effectively through the online application this can greatly reduce the length of your program and your investment. The bottom line is…. It is dependent on where at on your wellness journey you are and how committed you are to making a change.

Common Questions

What Happens During Your First Visit?

First of all RELAX. You will be listened to and respected.

Together we will explore your current health state based on a very comprehensive questionnaire that you will complete online; we will discuss every aspect of your health, from current issues, your diet and exercise routine, previous health problems, current medications, surgeries and your family medical history so we can address your concerns.This in-depth history will be reviewed by Christina Sessums, MSW, CNHP, CAHP before your first visit and discussed in detail on your first visit.

Our New Client Wellness Package includes your first 2 visits (Part 1 and Part 2), a detailed intake, on-site testing and YOUR 30 day C.A.R.E. Plan to start helping your body balance itself. To learn more about each of these services click the links below.

Your first visit will be 3 hours in length.

Using the services described above and a number of other assessment tools we will help identify the areas of your body that need support and together we can start to peel the layers back and get to the root cause or causes.

Labs may be requested. Your intake paperwork will be completed online via our health management system.

Please also bring:

  1. A list of medications and supplements you are currently taking with dosage or bring all the bottles with a written list of how often you take them and how many you take.
  2. Any lab work or blood work you have within the last 6 months.
  3. Any supplements you have at home that you’ve got questions about- a bag or a box- bring it all.
  4. Any questions you have written down so I can make sure to answer them.
  5. If you have children, please arrange for childcare during your appointment. We will need your undivided attention to complete evaluation and testing.

On your second visit which will be approximately 1 week later, a C.A.R.E. support plan specifically for you and your lifestyle will be discussed. This visit will be about 2 hours in length. You will be able to ask questions so you feel confident that you can take the plan home and implement it immediately.You will leave with a plan to reach that goal and an established support system to cheer you on to reach your goal!

What if I am already on medications, Can I stay on them while on your program?

Absolutely. We are a complementary practice that supports your body’s wellness and honors the appropriate place and use of western medicine. Your support plans will be formulated to work in concert with allopathic medications prescribed by your doctor. However, in most cases pharmaceuticals can create extreme deficiencies in certain nutrients. On site-testing will often show us what it will take to support these deficiencies so that the body does not suffer from the lack of vital nutrients. Often times the addition of our support can allow your body to better utilize required allopathic medications. We are here to support your body to reach optimum wellness with the end vision of empowering you to take your health back into your hands.

What is an Autoimmune Specialist?

An autoimmune specialist is someone that supports the body and addresses the root causes and emotional components to overcome the stigmas on autoimmune disease.

How long does it take to correct issues holistically?

Feeling better will depend upon how chronic or acute your condition is. It can be a few days or it can be as long as six to eight weeks before there has been a significant change in the way you feel. As you follow your C.A.R.E Plan, the changes will be continual. There are times of plateau or what feels like two steps backwards in which you might be doing cellular work or detox and therefore “cannot feel” your changes but, as in any medicine, this will be a building block or setting the stage for the work to follow. It’s important to note that our support plans are not a quick fix or magical pill, but rather they are supporting your body so it can correct an underlying imbalance within your body. It takes time and commitment by you to follow through. Those who stop doing their C.A.R.E Plan because they are feeling better can find themselves back in their prior state of health very quickly. You must continue your C.A.R.E Plan until your body can maintain itself without the extra support. Feeling better does not mean you are completely well. Our goal is to have you independent from any external support, not dependent. In addition, remember that you also must be willing to address the emotional component of Autoimmune Disease to heal. Please review Evox – Voice Mapping for one of the many tools we use to support clients.

What if I am not having any health issues, but I do want to live healthier. What do I need to do?

We encourage you to come in for the urine and saliva test to evaluate where your body function is at. Based on the results you will receive a plan customized for you to reach optimal health.

What is Wellness and Homeopathy?

Wellness is a state of good health. To reach wellness we use several holistic methods which include homeopathy. Homeopathy is a safe and gentle way to support the body using plants and minerals to reach wellness.

What kind of conditions or diseases can be treated homeopathically?

We DO NOT treat but instead support your body’s function. With homeopathy being gentle and safe it can be used for anyone, including children and animals.

Do you work with people remotely and if so how?

Yes, our practice uses Zoom. This allows us to access and support people in various parts of the US. Please contact our office for more information. 512-265-0303 or here.

Where are your offices and off-site locations in Texas?

Our current location is in Georgetown, TX. We also have remote locations in Boerne, Seguin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth.