Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for considering coming to Purely Simple Organic Living, LLC, one of the top holistic centers in the United States for Autoimmune Disease. We offer effective natural support plans to Conquer Autoimmune Disease that goes far beyond what is available at conventional doctors’ offices. Our C.A.R.E Plans support your entire body, mind and spirit, including your organ systems. In addition, our program uniquely focuses on your emotional wellness while always addressing the underlying causes of disease. We are the only center in the United States that provides a full comprehensive program including emotional support and a plan to FIRE ME at the end of your program!

Due to high demand, Purely Simple Organic Living offers support to all new and existing clients completely online via Zoom Video. WHY?? Because we can’t let geography get in the way of you getting the help you need!

Here is how this will benefit you as our valued client!!

  • More convenient care (anytime/anywhere! Can meet in the comfort of your own home!)
  • More timely care (no waiting rooms, no travel time, less time off work)
  • 24/7 online personalized document access for your health records (HIPAA compliant and secure)
  • Easy and secure face-to-face video contact (touch of a button on any device!)
  • Increased accessibility (ongoing access to a practitioner)
  • In-home testing (kit delivered right to your door)
  • Unique group class offerings (allow you to learn alongside other health-minded individuals nationwide)
  • Intimate setting and personalized attention with a leading expert in autoimmune diseases

Before you begin your journey to wellness, we’d like to provide you with an overview of what you can expect.

Common Questions

Reserve your appointment soon. The first step to become a new client is to schedule a strategy session, because we value your time and we want to make sure that we are a good partnership! We get booked very quickly and typically have a waiting list. For this reason, if after your strategy session our practitioner Christina Sessums and you believe your partnership would be mutually beneficial, please be prepared to pay for your New Client Wellness Bundle at the time of scheduling to secure your appointment time and spot in the 8 weeks to Conquer Autoimmune Class.

We offer an amazing, in-depth 8 Weeks to Conquer Autoimmune Class which is open to anyone, across the country and you do not have to be a new client!

We offer an 10-Weeks to Conquer Autoimmune Class which are live (not recorded due to confidentiality and ensuring a safe place for our clients to openly share) sessions with our holistic practitioner and autoimmune specialist, Christina Sessums, ND, MSW, CNHP, CAHP. Christina also will host live events around the Central Texas area…check out our Facebook to keep up with any events or new classes!

Yes! Our holistic practitioner Christina Sessums MSW, CNHP, CAHP empowers pet owners by providing diet support, education, color therapy, homeopathy, essential oil support and overall holistic wellness for your 4 Legged Furry Children. Click here to find out more!

We do not accept insurance or medicare at this time.

There’s no accurate way to estimate the costs of your healthcare program without seeing our practitioner. Everyone’s journey to wellness is different and each client receives a program tailored exactly to their needs it’s not possible to give estimates over the phone and/or without purchasing the New Client Bundle. At the first appointment our practitioner can give you an idea of how long your program will be and what services it might encompass. The most important factor in your length of your program is YOU. If you are compliant with the program and communicate effectively through the online application this can greatly reduce the length of your program and your investment. The bottom line is…. It is dependent on where on your wellness journey you are and how committed you are to making a change.

First of all RELAX. You will be listened to and respected.

Together we will explore your current health state based on a very comprehensive questionnaire that you will complete online; we will discuss every aspect of your health, from current issues, your diet and exercise routine, previous health problems, current medications, surgeries and your family medical history so we can address your concerns. This in-depth history will be reviewed by Christina Sessums, MSW, CNHP, CAHP before your first appointment and discussed in detail on your first appointment.

Our New Client Wellness Bundle includes your enrollment into our next round of the 8 Weeks to Conquer Autoimmune Class, as well as your first 2 visits (Part 1 and Part 2), a detailed intake, biofeedback testing, in-home testing kits, evaluation–face, tongue, and nail, and YOUR 30 day C.A.R.E. plan to start helping your body balance itself.

Your first appointment will be 2 hours in length.

Using the services described above and a number of other assessment tools we will help identify the areas of your body that need support and together we can start to peel the layers back and get to the root cause or causes.

Labs may be requested and can be done through your own provider our service at 80% off cash. Your initial paperwork will be completed online via our health management system.

Please also have readily available:

  1. A list of medications and supplements you are currently taking with dosage.
  2. Any lab work/blood work or any other testing you’ve had done within the last 6 months to 1 year, and/or any other test results you feel are relevant.
  3. Any supplements at home you have questions about.
  4. Any questions you have written down so I can make sure to answer them.

A holistic autoimmune specialist is someone who teaches clients how to balance their own body, mind and spirit, and helps them address the root cause of the imbalance so that they can conquer autoimmune disease naturally!

Feeling better will depend upon how chronic or acute your condition is. It can be a few days or it can be as long as six to eight weeks before there has been a significant change in the way you feel. As you follow your C.A.R.E Plan, the changes will be continual. There are times of plateau or what feels like two steps backwards in which you might be doing cellular work or detox and therefore “cannot feel” your changes but, as in any natural support, this will be a building block or setting the stage for the work to follow.

It’s important to note that our support plans are not a quick fix or magical pill, but rather they are supporting your body so it can correct an underlying imbalance within your body. It takes time and commitment by you to follow through. Those who stop doing their C.A.R.E Plan because they are feeling better can find themselves back in their prior state of health very quickly. You must continue your C.A.R.E Plan until your body can maintain itself without the extra support. Feeling better does not mean you are completely well.

Our goal is to have you independent from any external support, not dependent. In addition, remember that you also must be willing to address the emotional component of Autoimmune Disease to heal. Please review EVOX – Voice Mapping for one of the many tools we use to support clients.

Based on nationwide demand, our practice uses Zoom which allows us to access and support people in all parts of the US.

We facilitate the delivery of in-home testing kits and dropship supplements right to your door! Please call us for more information at (512) 265-0303.