I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Vermont and majored in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont.  
After graduating I went on to work with various organizations in Mexico where I lived for ten years.   I then went on to study massage therapy where I had my practice for a few years in Vermont before moving to Tennessee and then eventually Texas where I have been for the past three and a half years.  
I am a mother of three boys, all of whom were born out of the hospital with a midwife.  I am a huge advocate of empowered birth and educating women about having a healthy pregnancy and birth, and for several years, worked as a doula doing just that. I sometimes dream of one day becoming a midwife.
I am a lover of nature and the great outdoors.  I have always tried to live a life as close to the principals of nature and am constantly striving to accomplish that.  

The things that make me feel most alive and happy are.....

My family and I try to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible by eating clean unprocessed organic food, drinking clean water, exercising, and avoiding allopathic medicine and instead, treating ourselves with herbs and plants given by God whenever possible.
The things that make me feel most alive and happy are, spending time with family, gardening, hiking, (any outdoor activity really) herbalism, conversations with like-minded people, and being creative.
I am passionate about inspiring others to lead a healthy lifestyle and empowering them to make good lifestyle choices so they can lead a better quality of life mentally, spiritually and physically!  I am excited to be a part of this team and support others on their journey to wellness!
My beautiful family!
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