Just the Basics

Join us for a four week, one hour classes which will familiarize you with the 5 Cornerstones to Wellness.

We’ll teach you in easy to understand “bite sized” pieces how to jumpstart your journey to wellness. Included is information on how to support your body through nutrition, relaxation and sleep, hormone support, exercise routines, and a detox of your mind, spirit, and home. Learn how to connect with your authentic spirit and detox your surroundings of toxins and negative energy which are detrimental to your energy factories within your cells.

Join us June 3rd 6-7 pm at our Georgetown location. This class will meet each Monday for four weeks.

Shoot Me to the Moon

If you feel you’re ready and in a the mindset to learn more about how to manage your health holistically, Shoot Me To The Moon: 30 Days To Wellness is for you.

This class includes all the knowledge which will be presented in the “Just The Basics” class, but will propel your efforts for this journey by offering additional testing, a privately maintained and managed Facebook group, additional recipes, 30 minutes relaxation with your choice of the use of the Oxygen Bar or the Biomat, additional stress-management tools, discount coupons, and extra exercise options, advice, and support.

This class is for those who are serious about committing to wellness, detoxing, and beginning life anew on a more holistic path.

Jump Start Programs