Kelly Frick

Transformation Coach

Start Your Healing Adventure

Kelly Frick is known in her field for connecting our health to root causes and worthiness. Women often seek out her services to learn how to fill up their cup first, to create self-care habits and plans.

Kelly's background is in Sociology, Psychology, Physical Training, Basic Female Hormone Tracking, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Psychology of Nutrition, TOB (Theology of the Body), and Body Belief Coaching; this all gives her the unique ability to help women address the true cause of WHY they don't succeed at their health goals.

With her own health challenges that included medical conditions and mental disconnects she has been able to connect her childhood and young adulthood traumas to realize the roots.  Her life mission is helping other women find and see how beautifully wonderfully made they already are, and how they TOO deserve to thrive in their WHOLE HEALTH: Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit.

Kelly has been educating, empowering, and equipping women of all ages for almost 20 years how to love the skin they are in; how to care for their temples with many tools and create a plan that is right for them.

Kelly supports clients nationwide via Zoom because nothing should stand in the way of hope and healing in our health. She also is available for workshops, presentations, custom made programs, keynote speaking and one-on-ones.

There are several pathways to start your healing journey. Kelly will be your guide, your advocate, your coach, your cheerleader along the way.

What makes her different is she helps you not only choose what's going to be the right pathway for your WHOLE HEALTH journey but she continues to support you, serve you, coach you, love you…..through it all! she provides many different services, packages and events to meet your best needs on YOUR TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY!

Here is what she provides but not limited (please ask for rates):

  • 1-on-1 Mindset-Wellness Coaching
  • 1-on-1 Tapping Session
  • Group Sessions for Tapping and/or Mindset-Wellness
  • Presentations for Businesses
  • Women Empowerment Workshops


You are not here on this page by mistake….something has drawn you here… know you too want to TRANSFORM your health into a thriving wellness of peace in your skin and your mind and your spirit!

The big question is when are you going to truly say YES to you!?