Krush-It in 90 Days

Are you tired of being “sick and tired”? Are you exhausted going doctor to doctor, searching for answers, and ending up with more bills & prescriptions? Are you ready to feel full of energy and empowered to take your life back? You are in the RIGHT PLACE! At Purely Simple Organic Living, we see symptoms as a sign from your body saying,
“Hey, I’m out of balance! HELP”

We uncover the root cause of  symptoms by addressing the virus/bacteria and emotional component to help YOU on your wellness journey!

Krush-It in 90 Days - Regain Your Health

Is Krush-It Right For YOU?

  • 6 Hours Personalized 1:1 Consult Time

    1 on 1 time with a practitioner developing, refining, and implementing a customized plan for your personal health goals. 

  • Advanced Personalized Testing

    These tests help Identify Your Body’s Imbalances (Includes 2 ABTI Custom Test Kits, 1 Round Cellular Level Personalized Frequency Testing AND 1 PSOL Blood Panel)

  • Individualized and Customized Supplements

    Based on your testing results and goals. Also includes a supplement credit and cell ready minerals!

  • 90 Days Access to Private Membership Resource Center

    With an Interactive Learning Forum where we create a no-judgment space for you to declare your WINS, state your support needs, refine your skills and find trusted resources.

  • Keys to Conquering Autoimmune Disease

    Identifying the Keys to Conquering Autoimmune Disease - A 10-week live and interactive group training that clarifies the tools necessary to balance your body and create your own Personalized Blueprint & Implementation Plan for regaining your optimal health.

  • Mindset Coaching/Tapping with Coach Kelly

    Access to the LIVE, interactive, bi-monthly Group Coaching with Coach Kelly, who is known in her field for connecting your health to root causes and worthiness. She teaches how to fill up your cup first, to create self-care habits and plans.

  • 90 Day All-Access Pass

    to our exclusive, client-only, HIPPA platform (GetHealthie) for communication with your practitioner team which includes HIPPA Zoom links for appointments and group meetings. You will get questions answered between appointments, access all of your related documents, and personal plan storage for 24/7/365 access.

Just Some of What You Get in the Training​​

Krush-It Program


We're excited you're here and ready to plunge into the root causes of your health!

This program is meant to help you track your progress over the course of the 90 days.

You will receive periodic/monthly updates showing what you've accomplished & what's left.

Each month a new educational module is uploaded to the membership based Resource Center with video, handouts, workbooks, recipes, directions, explanations and more!

A couple of our available modules;

  • Boosting the Immune System Naturally

    Easy to understand and easy to follow tips, tricks and actions to boost your immune system starting TODAY! What you'll get: 5 Videos full of great information on tried and true ways to boost your immune system A beautiful workbook to download, print and follow along with what was shared in the videos and even MORE! Sit back, relax and enjoy learning how to better support your body and your health!

  • Gluten Free Baking Mini-Series

    Purchase now to get access to recipes from my cookbook plus tips, tricks and directions on baking YUMMY gluten free amazingness that you and your family will love! What you'll get: FOUR Videos as I bake in front of a live audience and talk about the tips, tricks and tools I use A follow along workbook full of recipes, what I will be baking and the tools you'll need to bake it too. Some of my own tried and true gluten free recipes that taste like my grandma made, but without the gluten issues!

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