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What is a Spit and Pee Test? The ABTI or Spit and Pee test, provides a true, real–time comprehensive analysis of what's taking place in the electro-biochemical structure of your body’s cells, tissues, and organs. It tells us what is going on inside right now.   Valued at $169

What is a Bioreflective Analysis Test? Promote harmony and balance by supporting your body’s natural ability to heal from within. This test identifies your vitamin & mineral deficiencies, and the virus-bacteria loads in the body at an energetic and bio frequency level. Catalyst drops are personally developed for you based on the results of your test. Valued at $325​

Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle Package Options

Monthly Membership & Co-Op is a content-rich place to continue your wellness journey, fill the gaps, or even just dip your toes into holistic health. It also grants access to self-paced educational modules already uploaded, as well as any new ones added during your membership, at no additional cost. The work at your own pace modules will be available to you for the term of your Membership & Co-Op subscription!

Support Your Immune System Package Options

This package was designed with you in mind. We strive to empower you to best support the heart of the home and our packages include our  Membership & Co-Op with our Resource Center! What is that you may ask? Well, it's where our team has gathered links, videos, documents and more into one convenient location for you to access! There is a Member Forum where you can share wins, ask questions, and engage in a community of like-minded people that understand what you're going through.

Last but not least, we just added the co-op to our Membership & Co-Op which includes group buys for bulk items, herbs and supplements and other goods, at wholesale prices! It will also allow for rental of a mini bio-mat and be a place where members can buy, sell and trade their own goods.  *** Included in both package options at no extra charge!!!

Every Symptom

Every physical symptom has a source, let’s unearth yours!​

About 80% of our clients have an Autoimmune Disease (many on multiple medications and have exhausted western medicine options), 20% are a mix of competitive athletes looking for an edge and client’s over 40 who want to maintain their health and/or do not trust Dr Google. It is interesting to note that 40% of clients are medical professionals.

I’m honored to say we have an 90% referral rate. My passion is helping people conquer Autoimmune Disease healing once and for all! God has blessed me with a unique ability to support even the most complex client situations with compassion, attention to detail and devotion because I want for you what you want!

Every physical symptom has a source…. Let’s unearth what is causing yours!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? I’ve been there! In 2001 my life was turned upside down when I became very ill after surgery and had to use my advocacy and research skills, as well as trust my faith in God, to help save my own life. For 15 years I was an autoimmune medical mystery and didn’t fit any textbook cases.

Slowly I lost my ability to participate in daily life activities. My self-image was close to the bottom of the scale, my marriage was struggling, and my energy level was non-existent. I was losing hope that life could ever be normal again as it revolved around prescription drugs, medical tests, doctors’ appointments, and hospitalizations. Many times I was told to go to Hospice as there were no more options left, but like you, I refused to give up.

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When traditional medicine had given up on me, I began researching options and discovered holistic wellness and a Dr. of Naturopathy (ND) who was willing to help me.

I was so inspired by all I learned and because I found SOLUTIONS that worked and kept me out of Hospice. I became an Integrative Autoimmune Specialist so I could give others the same hope I had found.

I integrated all of my experience, training, and research to become an Integrative Holistic Health Coaching, which means over I bring over a decade of research, training, and mastering my own health issues to help you develop a plan to overcome your health issues.

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