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EVOX Perception Reframing

Every persons’ voice is unique to them, like a fingerprint. When you speak, your voice carries the energy of how you perceive or see the topic you are speaking about. Working with the frequencies in a client’s voice, voice mapping is a highly effective biofeedback process for emotional release and healing from the consequences of stored stress and trauma. It is also used by athletes to overcome challenges and improve peak performance.

Given the correlation between physical and emotional health, voice mapping can be helpful in fighting chronic health problems. The session is conducted while you listen to relaxing music and think about the topic you are speaking of.

4 Legged Furry Children

We offer animal homeopathy to support your 4 legged furry children on their journey to wellness.

I wrote this gluten free cookbook for real people, doing real baking in real kitchens. No fancy dancy stuff, just down-home great food you can take to your next party, and keep the secret between us that this is really gluten free! But hurry and get some for yourself before it’s all gone.

*Includes 20 recipes and Tips for Successful Gluten Free Baking

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Yummy Country-Style, Gluten-Free meals like your grandma made!

Every Symptom

Every physical symptom has a source, let’s unearth yours!​

About 80% of our clients have an Autoimmune Disease (many on multiple medications and have exhausted western medicine options), 20% are a mix of competitive athletes looking for an edge and client’s over 40 who want to maintain their health and/or do not trust Dr Google. It is interesting to note that 40% of clients are medical professionals.

I’m honored to say we have an 90% referral rate. My passion is helping people conquer Autoimmune Disease healing once and for all! God has blessed me with a unique ability to support even the most complex client situations with compassion, attention to detail and devotion because I want for you what you want!

Every physical symptom has a source…. Let’s unearth what is causing yours!

When traditional medicine had given up on me, I began researching options and discovered holistic wellness and a Dr. of Naturopathy (ND) who was willing to help me.

I was so inspired by all I learned and because I found SOLUTIONS that worked and kept me out of Hospice,  I became an Integrative Autoimmune Specialist so I could give others the same hope I had found.

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