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Organic Gardening TempleWe provide holistic learning experiences focused on organic gardening and healthy eating that are in tune with the rhythms and harmony of nature so that people can obtain their optimum health. We teach how to grow organic sustainable food sources at home simply, affordably and without the work of traditional gardening.

For years I was the “kill a plastic plant lady”. Somehow I could walk by a dying plant and never think about watering it. Now thanks to a wonderful friend and a new planting system that requires only minor work after planting and no watering, I can grow anything!

Plants have a spiritual value that is therapeutic.

Plants help client’s cope, enjoy a sense of healing and regain perspective. The fragrance of Biblical flowers and herbs revitalize people. Interacting with a flower or herb from the Bible lifts spirits and a sense that life continues despite their struggles.


Imagine… Going on vacation, going about your daily life and NEVER WATERING YOUR PLANTS AGAIN!

We use a planting system that does not depend on the quality of your dirt or your ability to determine how much water the plant needs. There are portable systems that can go in RV and are wheelchair accessible as well as systems that be planted in a raised bed garden or in troughs as you see below.


  • Do you want to CONSERVE WATER – YES


  • Rainy Area- Garden Always Flooding – YES

  • No More Weeding – YES

  • Low Maintenance – YES

  • Affordable – YES

  • All Systems are Wheelchair Accessible – YES



The system combines the awesome power of three by using sub irrigation, an automatic float system and air pruning in combination to promote amazing plant growth.

So what is Sub Irrigation you ask…..

Sub irrigation means to water the plant from the bottom as opposed to above like you would with a hose, sprinkler system or drip irrigation system. The purpose of this is 2 fold; first the plants know how much water they need thus method conserving water by allowing your plants to only use as much water as they need. Better yet, it also assures that the plants are not over watered. (As a side note, all of our systems have drain holes in case it rains to allow water to drain out.)

Typically when you water a plant from the top the water soaks into the dirt and then the roots get a brief drink but often do not get enough sustained water. If the soil has a good moisture retention mixture they can do ok but very often in climates that are either hot/dry or cold and wet, finding that balance can be difficult at best if not impossible to maintain.

By using sub irrigation we allow the plant to decide when to stop soaking up/wicking water through its roots when it is no longer thirsty. Instead of waiting until your plants look like they need water, which means they are way past needing water this system puts the plants in charge of what they need. After all they know best!

How does the automatic float work?

So now your plants always have the right amount of water by you using sub irrigation to do that. How do they get the water if I never have to water them? Each system has an automatic float assembly that goes into the system and attaches to your water hose. If you have more than one system they can be daisy chained together to use only a single faucet.

The water level is maintained by a float valve system. When the preset float senses that the water level is too low then the valve opens to allow water into the system maintaining the proper water level for the system to function optimally at all times. Bottom line………. your plants look fabulous all the time and you never have to do anything! It’s really an ingenious idea!

So your plant is being Sub Irrigated and has constant water now what is Air Pruning?

According to the University of Washington…”Air pruning happens naturally when roots are exposed to air in the absence of high humidity. The roots are effectively “burned” off, causing the plant to constantly produce new and healthy branching roots. If roots are not exposed to air, they continue to grow around the inside of container in a constricted pattern.”

In English, by using Root Pouch Grow Bags the roots will grow stronger, healthier and will never become root bound (going in circles in a pot). What does this mean to me? Your plants will thrive, grow big and look awesome!

Rootpouch vs Plastic - Organic Gardening

What can I really grow in a 5 Gallon or 1 Gallon Bag?

Cauliflower and other top heavy items that are grown in one gallon bags – it is recommended to support it with gravel around the base.

Long root vegetables like beets and daikon can be done in smaller bags, but they are much happier in deeper bags.  It is recommended to go with multiple in a bigger bag to accommodate the root system.

Root System Vegetables - Organic Gardening

Want More Information

We have classes on Organic Gardening.  Contact us today to schedule a class for your group and see just how amazing it can be.

Did You Know - Gardening Facts

Gardening Ideas:

Organic Gardening - After Week 1

Garden at 1 week post planting

Organic Gardening - After Week 3

3 weeks post planting

Organic Gardening - After Week 5

5 weeks post planting

Organic Gardening - Wood Planter

Organic Gardening Wheelchair

Organic Gardening - Wood Planters

Plant Wagon - Purely Simple Organic Gardening