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You're ready to Krush-It in 90 Days and make huge strides in your health! You own your wellness and will do what it takes to take control. You want change. You want your health. You want energy and you're sick and tired of being sick and tired.

This is for YOU and includes access to our private Membership Based Education and Resource Center with an Interactive Learning Forum where you can state your support needs, refine your skills and find trusted resources. 

It also includes beautiful, easy-to-follow Workbooks, Worksheets, Handouts, Templates & Support Tools to help you triangulate the root cause of your body’s imbalances.

In our Identifying the Keys to Conquering Autoimmune Disease class there are over 15 hours of combined class and face-to-face time with our practitioner team and hundreds of pages of support material.

Join us once a week, for 10 weeks for this live and interactive group program that clarifies the tools necessary to balance your body and create your own Personalized Blueprint & Implementation Plan for regaining your optimal health. You also get the informative, easy to follow workbook that goes along with the information shared each week plus room for notes!

This program will empower and educate you to take your health back into your own hands. We will go step-by-step to discover your optimal health. Every person is genetically different, so every blueprint for wellness will be personalized for YOU! 

Join us as we share the steps Christina took in saving her own life after being sent to hospice not 1 but 5 times. Real-life experiences have fueled their passion to support those with Autoimmune Disease and YOUR journey to wellness!

Together we identify the root causes of your pain, brain fog, exhaustion, weight gain and symptoms you don’t understand by implementing changes to help you feel better and thrive.

An autoimmune disease is when the body’s natural defense system malfunctions and begins attacking normal tissue and organ cells.

We support the body, mind, and spirit to help YOU conquer autoimmune disease naturally! 

Symptoms are a sign from your body saying, “Hey, I’m out of balance!” Our aim is to uncover the root cause of the symptoms to help YOU on your wellness journey!

Be sure to check out our two new packages created with YOU in mind during these difficult time! Click on the image above to learn more!

Christina Sessums, Founder and CEO, with her service dog Zander. Christina specializes in one on one devotion, compassion, and care for those struggling with autoimmune disease, exhaustion, and feeling overmedicated. For those ready for results, ready for change and ready to get back to life, Christina is here for YOU!

Every physical symptom has a source, let’s unearth yours!​

I’m honored to say we have an 90% referral rate and I believe a big part of that is that my passion is helping people conquer Autoimmune Disease and healing once and for all!

God has blessed me with a unique ability to support even the most complex client situations with compassion, attention to detail and devotion because I want for you what you want!

About 80% of our clients have an Autoimmune Disease (many on multiple medications and have exhausted western medicine options)

  • 20% are a mix of competitive athletes looking for an edge
  • and client’s over 40 who want to maintain their health
  • About 40% of clients are medical professionals

Every physical symptom has a source…. Let’s unearth what is causing yours with this proprietary, well tested, successful program geared towards YOU!

I'm here for you! I've been there and I sincerely want you to succeed! This personalized program is not for everyone. It IS for those that are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are READY for more life, more energy, and more results!

When traditional medicine had given up on me, I began researching options and discovered holistic wellness and a Dr. of Naturopathy (ND) who was willing to help me.

I was so inspired by all I learned and because I found SOLUTIONS that worked and kept me out of Hospice,  I became an Integrative Autoimmune Specialist so I could give others the same hope I had found.

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