Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Pets

Welcome to another week in wellness with Purely Simple Organic Living! So far, we have discussed topics concerning our personal health and wellness. Now it is time to shift to the health of those around us…I’m talking about our four legged furry children!

We bring them into our lives and treat them like family! If we consider them family, shouldn’t we be providing them with the best nutrition possible? A diet rich in nutrients and minerals not only extends the life of dogs, but also improves their appearance, behavior, and physical health! Today we will discuss how feeding your pets a raw food diet can provide your furry children with the nutritional support they deserve.

Problems with Processed Dog Food

We know that processed convenience foods are not healthy for humans, so why would processed dog foods be good for our dogs? Our society has become so accustomed to eating convenience foods, and unfortunately we have passed this ‘convenience’ on to our furry children.

It is much easier to purchase a bag of kibble that will last a month from the local pet store, especially if we are told that this includes all the nutrition for our dog’s needs. However, health issues that were unheard of years ago are becoming the norm for our canine companions; from obesity to food intolerances, dental conditions, and cancers1. If your dog has a lot of poop, allergies or medical issues, their diet is likely the culprit.

What does a Raw Diet Consist of?

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There are several variations of raw diets for your pets, but they all center on feeding them how nature intended!

This means a diet consisting mostly of high-quality, raw meats and bones, and no cooked or processed foods.

Raw food diets provide well-balanced nutrition for your dog because they contain live enzymes, natural antioxidants, fully digestible proteins, health promoting essential fatty acids, organic vitamins and minerals, etc.1

Some Benefits of Raw Food Diet

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Increased energy:

What your pets eat has a lot of effect on behavior as well as energy levels. Most dry commercial pet foods are at least 50% grain (corn, wheat, rice) because carbohydrates are needed to bind the food together1. A surge of carbs from kibbles can give your dog an energy spike making them super restless, and then the drop that makes them tired or lethargic.

Raw food, however, produces more stable energy from easily digestible proteins and fats. It is vital that you do not purchase raw meat from a local grocery store without understanding the sodium content, as too much sodium can shut down a dog's kidneys. In my personal experience I have been unable to find a suitable option at any local grocery store. We choose to feed the prey model, similar to prey in the wild,  which is 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% fat.

Improved appearance:

Raw diets that are high in protein will help your dog lose weight without losing muscle mass. On a high raw protein diet, approximately a seventh of the weight loss will be muscle and about 85% of the weight loss will be fat2. You will also notice your dog will have a sleeker, shinier coat! This is because the raw diet provides essential nutrients and minerals for your dog’s health that conventional dog foods do not.

Cleaner stools:

How would you like for your fur child to have smaller, firmer stools? Often the first change pet owner’s notice when they shift their dog to a raw diet are smaller, less smelly stools due to the high digestibility of raw foods. Processed kibbles can take 18 hours for your dog to digest, whereas a natural raw foods are digested in around 6 hours1. With improved digestion also comes reduced gas and digestive discomfort.

Dental health benefits:

Your dog’s teeth and gums will be cleaner and healthier from chewing raw meaty bones! Raw bones are easily digested and they are a good source of calcium and roughage for cleaning the teeth and gums naturally2. The crunching of small bones by your dog naturally provides scraping for his teeth, preventing the buildup of plaque. Canned dog food, however, consists of highly processed food with added fat and preservatives which can cause plaque buildup2.

Reduced risk of disease:

A healthy diet is protective against disease in dogs, just as it is in humans! When your dog’s body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs from its diet, they have a reduced risk of some of the common health problems we see in dogs like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, etc.


Pet owner’s are often surprised to discover how truly convenient and cost-effective a raw diet can be. With raw food, you can buy in bulk, freeze, and thaw when needed!

When you switch your pets over to a raw diet, you will also be saving money on vet bills in the long term, as they will be healthier and happier overall! Also, no more stress or worrying about pet food recalls and throwing out food you have purchased.

We specialize in supporting your dog’s journey to optimal health!

We recommend that pet parents feed their fur children a natural, raw diet from a reputable source. It is also important to remember that, when switching your dog’s diet from conventional to raw food, you should slowly ease them into a diet consisting only of raw food to avoid digestion issues. Abrupt changes in your dog’s diet could disrupt their digestion, so be sure not to switch over too quickly. We can provide support for your pets during this time to ensure they are transitioning safely and obtaining all the benefits of a raw diet!

Come talk to us about switching your pet over to a diet consisting of natural, raw foods! We have many recommendations to make the transition simple, as well as reputable vendors and sources for raw dog food. We also provide a full spectrum of care for your four legged furry children including diet support, education, animal homeopathy, color therapy, essential oil support, and overall holistic wellness.

We also work together with a Licensed Veterinarian, Dr. Rachel Ramesar, who offers animal acupuncture, chiropractic and holistic care for your pets. We are also happy to coordinate care with a Licensed Veterinarian of your choice if they are willing!

Call (512) 265-0303 TODAY for your complimentary 30 minute discovery call to explore holistic care options for you or your four legged furry children! We are now proud to offer Zoom consultations for our human and four legged furry friend clients, NATIONWIDE!

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