Terms & Policies

Purely Simple Organic Living, LLC

Terms and Policies

Right to Refuse Service:

Purely Simple Organic Living LLC has the right to refuse service to you as a client based on compliance or repeated lateness or cancellation.

Emergency Care:

Purely Simple Organic Living LLC does not administer emergency medical care. In the case of an emergency, please see your family physician or the emergency room of the nearest hospital.


Payment is expected in full at time of service. All major credit cards are accepted. We do not accept Medicare, Medicaid, medical assistance or handle insurance claims. On occasion, Purely Simple Organic Living LLC will negotiate to accept partial payment, or at our discretion, waive payment, based on individual client circumstances. We do not refund services that have already been provided. I understand and agree to allow Purely Simple Organic Living, LLC. to use information in this form for the purpose of collection of outstanding payments and healthcare operations.


Purely Simple Organic Living, LLC does not offer refunds on any supplement purchases or appointment fees. If for some reason you have to cancel or reschedule an appointment, your investment will remain as a credit on your account to use at a later date for any appointment, class or supplement purchases. This amount is also transferable to a family member or friend. Handling costs for any shipment of ABTI Biochemical Wellness Analysis test kits, hand cradles, and/or supplements are non-refundable once they have been sent out for delivery.


Cancellations of any type of appointment must be made via the Healthie app chat/messaging function or by telephone at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the appointment time. If the cancellation or reschedule isn't made at least 48 hours prior, a $50 charge will be made to the card we have on file at the time of the canceled or missed appointment. This is because we are often on a waiting list, and would like to accommodate other clients in your place. No exceptions outside of an emergency approved by our practitioner.

Follow up:

It is important to follow up within 30-45 days after first appointment. Be prepared to make the commitment to your health and follow through on an action plan. Depending on condition of health, this can take from 3 months to 6 months possibly even 12 months, but varies from client to client. I understand and agree to allow Purely Simple Organic Living, LLC. to use information in this form for the purpose of developing a C.A.R.E. plan and coordination of care.

Protocol and Document Upload:

Our practitioner will provide you with a digital copy of your protocol. This should be available on your Healthie account during Part 2 of your initial New Client appointment. Other important documents explaining supplements and remedies will be uploaded to your Healthie account as well. If your documents are not uploaded after 5 days, please call or email a staff member.

Communication With Practitioner:

It is the client's responsibility to document conversations, questions, and instruction into the Healthie chat/messaging function after speaking with the practitioner whether it be on the phone or via video chat. Please use the messaging/chat function in Healthie to keep a daily log of all: food intake, water intake & water goals, bowel movements, prescriptions, OTC medications or supplements, PSOL purchased supplements, sleep patterns, emotional state, physical state, and your next appointment time. It is vital that you keep up daily logging so that we know how you are doing in our program.

Nutritional Supplements:

Supplement purchases are separate from fees for services. Unlike many holistic support practices that charge large client monthly client management support fees ranging from $1,000-$1,250 in addition to their program, we have chosen not to charge this additional fee for our client management services–which includes ongoing support from Christina Sessums MSW, CNHP, CAHP provided via Healthie. Therefore, all supplements must be purchased through PSOLto be considered as part of your consultation(s), protocol(s), and/or ongoing support. In addition, we do this to protect our clients from fraud because the supplement industry is highly unregulated, and there have been instances where clients have purchased outside supplements that have resulted in their subsequent injury or even hospitalization. All the supplements that we use are pharmaceutical grade and only available to licensed or certified practitioners. Payment for supplements is expected at time of purchase. I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON PRODUCT PURCHASES.

Ordering Product:

Orders will be placed twice a week (Tuesday/Friday)

Cutoff for Tuesday order placement is Thursday @ 5pm

Cutoff for Friday order placement is Wednesday @ 5pm

All order placement needs to take place via messaging/chat function in Healthie. Pre-purchase of all supplements and kits is required due to the customization of your individualized protocol. Once an order is placed, you'll be sent a copy of your superbill in the Healthie messaging/chat function and asked for permission to charge your card. Please provide permission as soon as you are able. Your superbill will also be emailed to you to print and keep for your records.

We have negotiated the best dropship rates possible with vendors who will dropship to clients. There will be a $15 flat handling fee with no shipping cost from PSOL. There are some vendors who will not dropship to clients, therefore those orders will be bundled by PSOL to ship to you. We will bundle as many as we can in order to reduce your handling cost, and will advise you with any suggestions to make your orders as cost effective as possible. In order to accommodate our clients we have lowered the cost of followup appointments by $50 to account for these additional handling fees. We recommend ordering 2 months worth of supplements if financially feasible.

For most clients ordering from DesBio, dropshipping will be $6.95/order if your order is above $300. it is your responsibility as a clientto reach out to us for an appointment on vial 10 or 9 going down, so that you will have an appointment by vial 6.

Urgent Concierge Service:

Purely Simple Organic Living offers Urgent Concierge After Hours Service via the Healthie app Chat/Messaging function to existing clients who are needing advice or further instruction, have questions, or have an urgent need. An additional cost may apply. You must head the message with “URGENT” to indicate you are needing this level of assistance.

Urgent phone calls can also be taken by our practitioner for a charge of $75 per 30 minute phone call. Please ask a staff member for more information

Note- Our program is for coaching purposes only. Purely Simple Organic Living does not: examine, diagnose, treat, offer to treat, cure, or attempt to cure: any physical or mental disease or disorder, or any physical deformity or injury. If you are experiencing a lifethreatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


Our Biofeedback Scanning and EVOX Voice Mapping requires the use of an IBM compatible computer. If you do not have access to one, PSOL can ship one to you for a $300 deposit. Any damages sustained to the laptop or failure to return it will result in your deposit being forfeited (up to the total cost of repair). If you are shipped a hand cradle for biofeedback scanning, any damages or failure to return the cradle will result in a subsequent fee (up to $100).

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