Success Stories

Christina’s experience comes from her real life trial and error as well as her professional training. This is the best combination of both worlds. She has helped me to overcome some major health issues that doctors have been stumped by for years. Thanks to her I have my health back again.


Christina has more knowledge in the area of holistic health than anyone I know. As a nurse and health care professional it was vital to me to have some who is well trained supporting my family. I refer my family and friends to her without hesitation.


I was so tired of being sick and tired. Thanks to Christina I have my life back again.


Christina has innovative strategies that work for people like me who live with the long list autoimmune diagnoses. I was so glad to find someone who really listened, really cared and took time to help me get better.


Christina Sessums is amazing at what she does in assisting one on natural health and well-being. Her back ground in the medical field and natural health is perfect for integrative care. She spends quality time with everyone she is with, 100%. She is authentic and honest.

N.C. - Holistic Practitioner and Client

Coming here has been life changing- when I came here I could not walk or think well! Now in just a few short months I am back to homeschooling my kids, driving by myself and being a mom! Christina has been a Godsend to me and my family!


Lifelong symptoms are gone in months! I never knew it could be so easy!


I could not walk well and I felt foggy headed. I went to the ER after passing out and they said take these pills. I did and I felt worse. After seeing Christina for just 2 months I feel like myself again.


I did therapy for years. After just 1 Evox sessions I felt less anxiety and less anger than I felt in years! After 3 sessions I keep asking myself where has this technology been all my life?


As a business owner I saw Christina for an Evox session hoping to gain some insight to myself. I have a high stress job and I really thought I had nothing to lose but frankly I expected to gain very little from the session. I was shocked that in a single session I was able to move past blocks that were holding me back from completing a big project. I had no idea how powerful Evox was. I had no idea these things which I thought I had resolved years ago, where standing in the way of my success. This is now part of my regular self-care routine. Thanks Christina!


You are amazing and right where you are supposed to be. I know you will help so many people get well. I’ve seen how amazingly knowledgeable you are and how it all works. I love you girl and I love learning from you! Thank you for being my “go-to” resource for natural health

K.M. - Registered Nurse

I really enjoyed meeting you. Your energy and soul are so beautiful. You are the only person in 2 years who has offered me hope. After working with you over the past few days, my emotional wellness has shifted! I don’t know exactly how to explain it but it is like I’m empowered with a new track of processing information and digesting it! A new, found ability of acceptance and/or dedication to choosing my emotional response. It feels amazing and unfamiliar but I want to keep on this path! 🙂 I CAN BE FREE and BE WELL!


I love this place, and Christina Sessums. My body, mind, heart, and spirit is growing and strengthening beyond anything I ever hoped for. I can’t wait for groups to begin so we can learn, share and support one another!