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Thankful Jar & Frequency of Gratitude

Did you know there is a frequency of gratitude? There is! Being thankful or grateful raises your frequency and boosts your immune system.  An easy and fun way to do this is with a Thankful Jar?

The frequency of appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness is high! Joy radiates through your body and actually boosts your immune system! Amazing, right?

It's especially delightful to know during this time of year as sometimes it's easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle and wrapped up in the buying of stuff.

This year offers a very unique and beautiful opportunity to slow down and really focus on what you appreciate, love, enjoy, and are thankful for!

The Gratitude and Health post talks more on this and you'll find Christina's podcast on it there too!


Any large jar, shoe box, or container will do (decorated or not 😉

Set it out in the open with pieces of paper or index cards and some fun to write with pens

As people walk by it and think of something they are thankful for, they write it down and put it in the jar/container. You can put it out any time, but popular times are the month of November and especially Thanksgiving!

Then next year the contents are brought out and read! Some people also use this as a prayer jar and then next year go through and see how the prayers were answered!

For better instructions and printables, be sure to check out


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