Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing Georgetown - Purely SimpleGod designed you to be able to heal yourself.

You have a colorful bubble around you which is your energy field.  When your bubble becomes full of excess energy from everyday life it can slow you down mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

This slowdown of energy affects the harmony in your body and leaves you vulnerable to illness as well as causes extra stress on your body. As your facilitator I will bring vibrational balance of love and light to your body, mind and spirit. I will help you to clear away excess and unwanted energies from your body and your bubble. 

By raising the frequencies and aligning your inner body I will help you to restore the balance, release mental and emotional blocks and provide a deep sense of peace for your inner-being. This practice is a Christian based energy session and we acknowledge that God has all the power to heal. We believe that when we cleanse our bodies of unpure energy we bring ourselves into alignment for the best opportunity for full healing.  

During the session you will be fully clothed, lying on your back. You will be able to relax. There is nothing you need to know, do or say. Just wear comfortable clothes and relax for an hour.

Vibrational healing is done at events only in the Central Texas area.