Daddy bringing me home to mommy!

Hi! My name is Zander which means helper of man (or in this case woman!), kind and compassionate.

I started life out on the rough side as I lived in a crate for the first 4 months and was so full of worms and so skinny my ribs and hip bones were showing. I should have weighed about 18-20lbs at my age, but instead I weighed just 9 pounds!

When my new Daddy met me, he tested my responses to sounds and made sure my temperament was a great fit. He was looking for a service dog for my Mommy, Christina Sessums. She was born with a hearing impairment and had a new cochlear implant and needed a service dog that could help her with sounds she couldn’t hear.

Daddy says he instantly knew that I was the dog that could help my new Mommy as I was not only super adorable but responded well to sounds and cues.

As soon as mommy saw me, she hugged me!

As soon as Mommy saw me, she hugged and hugged me! Then her diabetes alarm went off making sounds she couldn’t hear, and I immediately started nudging her to tell her something was wrong. Mommy began crying and was shocked as I was doing my job without any training! I just knew what to do! Daddy was right, I had a job.

After some minor vet care for worms, a healthy diet with great immune support and good old-fashioned loving I grew strong and healthy and quickly took to the training alerting Mommy to alarms, sounds, doorbells and more.

Now I’m 6 and full grown, healthy, strong, and very good at helping Mommy. My favorite way to lay is on my back with my legs up – gives plenty of opportunity for belly rubs! My favorite toy is this amazing little squeaky ball that I love to chase and make squeak!

Due to the very unhealthy living conditions and cramped living space when I was just a baby, I had to have surgery on both elbows and require follow up care from Mommy.

We control my pain and encourage healing with PEMF, LLLT (Low Light Level Laser Therapy) and swimming to strengthen and manage my symptoms.

I enjoy a delicious raw diet, lots of walks and plenty of playtime!  Just look at me now!!!

If my mommy can do this for me and take herself from in a wheelchair relying on others to this amazing lifestyle where she takes me to the beach and we play in the water together, can you imagine what she can do for you and your loved ones (furry or not!)


Mommy & Zander

Daddy & Zander

Zander - Adorable

Puppy Kisses

I love the beach!

Silly Zander

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